Terms of Service

Course / Membership Restrictions

Online courses and memberships are restricted to persons that are professionally involved in the automotive service industry. This basically means you make a living in the auto service industry and includes job titles such as:

  • Automotive Technician
  • Automotive Management (service manager, service writer, shop foreman)
  • Automotive Educators (secondary education, post-secondary education, corporate trainer, independent trainers, etc)
  • Automotive Management Training (consulting coaching, 20 Group)
  • Educational Vendors (content producers, software publishers)
  • Equipment Vendors/Software Vendors (service information systems, digital vehicle inspection systems)

Members must also be at least 18 years old

Recurring Membership

Digital Automotive offers some membership products with a recurring charge. Users are not bound by a contract and can cancel their membership at any time from the Members Dashboard. When a member cancels a membership, the recurring billing stops and the membership will be active until the next billing cycle.

User Contributed Content

Most of the learning products offered by Digital Automotive support instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction. This interaction can occur in blog post comments, lesson comments, and online video conferences.

User-contributed content must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The content is not spam
  • The content is not openly promoting a product or service
  • The content is not protected by a copyright
  • The content is not designed to drive traffic to a third party site
  • The content is not pornographic
  • The content does not contain threats or incite violence
  • The content does not violate the privacy rights of others

You may not make “cold contact” sales pitches or openly promote a product or service within Digital Automotive training products. Repeated violations of this rule can lead to being removed from all Digital Automotive training products at the sole discretion of the Site Admin.

Limits of Liability

All the information made available on the Digital Automotive website is presented “as is” and you agree that you use this information at your own risk. As a condition of this TOS Agreement, you agree that you will not hold Digital Automotive / DLP Publishing LLC (or any of its officers, owners, or investors) liable for any consequences you incur from using any information or services provided by the Digital Automotive website.

Account Suspension/Termination

You agree that the Digital Automotive Site Administrator, at his sole discretion, may suspend or delete your account for any reason, including the belief that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the conditions of the TOS Agreement.

Changes to The Terms of Service Agreement

Digital Automotive / DLP Publishing LLC reserves the right to modify this document, as needed, at any point in the future. The current and prevailing agreement can be reviewed at any time from the “About Us” menu on the Digital Automotive website. It is the user’s responsibility to review this document, on a regular basis, to be aware of any changes made to the TOS Agreement.