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05 The Purpose of Assessments | 09 Question Type: True / False

Course Feature Set and Frequently Asked Questions

  • This course contains 17 lessons and 11 quizzes
  • Earn a 6-hour Certificate of Completion
  • Course content is blended (text, images, audio, and video)
  • Learn how to use software to efficiently author and deploy test banks across multiple learning management systems.
  • Learn how to mitigate the classic concerns about online testing
  • Learn how to leverage the benefits of online testing to save time
  • Learn how to author test banks that target higher-order thinking
  • Based on research, learn how to author true/false and multiple-choice questions that reduce the chances of guessing correctly

To Save Time
Yes, there is an investment in time and money to take this class, but if you implement many of the techniques taught in this class you will ultimately save time.

You will learn how to use software to build test banks that can be deployed to multiple sections of the same class or even to different learning management systems.

And finally, by learning how to produce well-written questions with rich feedback for wrong answers, you will eliminate almost all challenges from students.

To Produce Accurate Results
Testing should not be an afterthought. Tests should be deliberately developed to document a student’s mastery of the course’s measurable learning objectives.

Assessments also need to target higher-order thinking to document that students understand more than mere memorization.

To Promote Learning Beyond the Test
Most learning management systems support feedback for wrong answers. Instructors can use this feature to provide a detailed explanation of why the student’s answer was wrong and even link to study material.

This feature eliminates almost all challenges from students and becomes another way to do a mini-teach on the content.

Yes, discounts are available when buying course vouchers in bulk. Contact us for additional information.

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The Course Instructor is an Automotive Educator
This developer and instructor for this course is a 20-year automotive educator, For additional information on the instructor visit this page.

NATEF Requirements
One lesson is dedicated to the NATEF requirements that relate to the delivery of online content.

The Use of Automotive Examples
In the lessons that cover the differences between the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, automotive electrical circuits and Ohm’s Law are used as examples. 


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The Purpose of Assessments

Question Type: True / False

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