FAQ – Online Courses

Lesson Overview

Lesson Navigation

Fig 1: Course Navigation

Lessons are accessed from the Course Navigation panel in the right sidebar. An image of the Course Navigation panel is shown in Fig 1. Note that any open lesson is shown in bold text. Also, the name of any lesson that is marked as complete will have

Access to Lessons

While it is best to start with this lesson “01 Course Instructions” and sequentially work your way through to the end, there are no prerequisite requirements except that this lesson “01 Course Instructions”, must be marked complete before any other lesson is available. Access to all the remaining lessons is not dripped out over time. You can access any lesson at any time as long as course “01 Course Instructions” is marked complete.

Access to the course content is based on the course duration of the plan purchased (Standard Plan is 1 year, Premium Plan is lifetime). Students are encouraged to continue to use the course for reference even after completing the course since the content in the course is regularly updated.

Lesson Content Navigation

To quickly view and link to lesson content use the Lesson Content Navigation feature found at the top left corner of all lessons. By default, the Lesson Content Navigation panel is collapsed, as shown in Fig 2, when a page is first opened. To open the Lesson Content panel click on the “show” link also shown in Fig 2.

Fig 3: Lesson Navigation 

After clicking on the “show” link of the closed Lesson Content Navigation panel the panel will open up to show links to all the content headers as shown in Fig 3. Clicking on the header links will scroll the page to that point in the lesson.

Click on the “hide” link to return the Lesson Content Navigation panel back to the collapsed state.

Return to the Course Homepage

Fig 2: Return to Course Homepage Link

To return to the course’s homepage from a lesson, use the “Back to: “Assessment Development Course” link, as shown in Fig: 4, just below the “Lesson Content”

How do I mark a lesson as complete?

Lessons without a quiz

Fig 5: Mark Complete

A “Mark Complete” button, as shown in Fig 5, is located at the bottom of all lessons that do not include a quiz. Clicking on this button will mark the lesson as complete. This feature is used by students to keep track of their progress. Students can still access a lesson that is marked complete.

Fig 6: Mark Lesson Complete

After a lesson has been marked as complete, the “Mark Complete” button will look like Fig 6. A student can change the status back to incomplete by clicking on the button located at the bottom of the lesson. A lesson can be toggled between “complete” and “not complete” as many times as the student prefers.

Fig 7: Lesson Completion Status

The completion status of the lessons is also indicated in the lesson navigation in the right sidebar. As shown in Fig 7, the lesson “Anatomy of a Question” is marked complete since it is dimmed and the checkmark is blue.

While the lesson is shown as dimmed in the navigation menu, it can still be used to navigate back to the lesson. The dimming effect is just to remind students which lessons they have marked as complete.

Lessons With a Quiz

Fig 8: Quiz Button

A “Take Quiz” button is located at the bottom of all lessons that include a quiz, as shown in Fig 8. Lessons with a quiz are marked complete by passing the quiz at a score of 70% or better

Taking a Quiz

Open the Lesson Quiz Homepage

A “Take Quiz” button, as shown in Fig 7, is located at the bottom of all lessons that include a quiz. Clicking on this button will open the Lesson Quiz Homepage as shown in Fig 9.

Fig 9: Lesson Quiz Homepage

The Lesson Quiz Homepage contains the following information

  • The minimum passing score
  • The remaining attempts
  • The number of questions on the quiz
  • Any quiz completion time limits
  • The “Start Quiz” button

Start the Quiz

After clicking on the “Start Quiz” button the first question is presented. Fig 10 is an example of a True/False question.

Fig 10: Example of a True / Falser Question

Simply answer the questions and click on the “Next Question” button. After all the questions have been answered the Quiz Results Page, as shown in Fig 11, will be displayed.

Fig 11: Example of a Quiz Results Page

View Previous Quiz Attempts

Fig 12: View Previous Attempts

Also available on the Lesson Quiz Homepage is the “View Previous Attempts” button, as shown in Fig 12. Clicking on this button allows a student to review the details of all previous quiz attempts

Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion that includes the number of credit hours earned is awarded for each course that is completed. Courses are marked as complete when each lesson is marked complete. A download link for the Certificate of Completion is found on the Student Dashboard in the “My Certificates” section.

Contacting the Instructor

All Course Options

Fig 13: Contact the Instructor Form

For all course options at the bottom of the right sidebar on each lesson is a “Contact the Instructor” form, as shown in Fig 13. Note that the student’s name and email are automatically appended to the message along with the name of the lesson. The instructor will respond to questions submitted using this form within one business day.

Premium Course Options

Students enrolled in a premium course option will have additional resources that are covered within the course’s FAQ.