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Below I identified a few of the YouTube channels that really stand out as being accurate and professional. If you know of a channel that promotes professionalism and produces accurate/quality videos, please pass that on to me with the Curated Video Feedback Form.

Recommended YouTube Channels

The following statistics were updated December 4, 2018


John Kelly – Ogden, Utah
Weber State University
Joined Nov 26, 2009 – 105,067 subscribers – 20,416,149 views
Specialty: Drive Trains, Hybrids

Engineering Explained

Jason Fenske – Portland, Oregon
Bachelor of Science (BS), Mechanical Engineering
Joined Jun 24, 2011 – 2,023,199 subscribers – 306,233,626 views
Specialty: Engineering explanations on anything automotive


Paul Danner – Pittsburgh, PA
Teaching 15 years @ Rosedale Technical Institute
Joined Apr 1, 2011 – 162,964 subscribers – 45,595,727 views
Specialty: Drivability / No Starts / Electrical

South Main Auto Repair

Eric O – Upstate NY
Shop Owner
Joined Oct 22, 2014 – 230,310 subscribers – 53,660,184 views
Specialty: HVAC, Suspension, Driveability, Electrical

The Humble Mechanic

Joined 18 Jun 2011 – 262,344 subscribers – 29,833,604 views
Specialty: VW – Advice on working in a dealership environment – Good content to play to automotive students.

MotorAge Magazine

Pete Meier – Technical Editor Motor Age Magazine
Joined Sep 14, 2010 – 28,441 subscribers – 3,960,939 views
Specialty: “The Trainer” series plus shop management postings

Hiram Gutierrez

Joined Feb 15, 2008 – 92,872 subscribers – 16,544,103 views
Specialty: Automatic and Manual Transmissions

Wells Vehicle Electronics

Joined Mar 21, 2008 – 42,748 subscribers – 12,573,522 views
Specialty – Vehicle Electronics

Garage Gurus

Joined Mar 6, 2015 – 4,509 subscribers – 1,309,422 views
Specialty: Steering Suspension and Gaskets / Seals


Joined May 3, 2011 – 1,654 subscribers – 200,379 views
Official Channel for the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)

Remarkable Results Radio – Carm Capriotto

This is a “video” version of Carm’s audio podcast. This is the audio from the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast played with an image displayed instead of a video. This is a great source for information on leading trends in the automotive service industry.
Joined 1 Dec 2011 – subscribers (not published) – 20,047 views

The Battery Shop

Joined Sep 9, 2016 –  subscribers (not published) – 1,988,612 views

Trained by Techs

Trained by Techs is a group of automotive technicians producing videos designed to start conversations about our experiences in the automotive repair industry.
Joined Nov 16, 2017 – 2,926 subscribers – 81,189 views

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